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Content Online Teacher Work From Home Jobs That Pay Well Baby Equipment Rental Business These People Own the Most Land in America How we make money While working from home isn’t for everyone, it offers the benefits and freedoms that many are looking for. By meeting at a local community center or having students drive […]

Turn a Closet Into a Home Office in 6 Easy Steps BODi

Content How we Converted a Closet into an Office! How to Turn A Closet Into a Craft Room Doors That Do Double Duty “After removing the doors, we added a cabinet that serves as entry table with drawers for storing scarves, gloves, and such,” says Strat. “Then we painted the cabinet and interior of the closet […]

Database as a Microservice

Content Microservice architecture CQRS pattern Resulting context Pattern: Database per bounded context Performance Microservice architecture structures an application as a set of loosely coupled microservices and each service can be developed independently in agile manner to enable continous delivery/deployment. What should be the database structure/architecture in microservices based application. Another disadvantage of using microservices How […]